Photographic Confrontations were resumed in 2008. Just as years ago organized by the Municipal Cultural Centre in Yaroslavl under the auspices of the Mayor of Yaroslavl, Photoclub Polish Republic, the Foundation "Photography for the Future" and most importantly the International Federation of Photographic Art. Organizers since 1996 with interruptions tried to obtain the patronage and this has undoubtedly with great support of the aforementioned prestigious Photographic Organization - "Photoclub Polish Republic ," which highly appreciated the conduct Confrontation over the last years. It should be noted that this is a huge honor for the organizers, which significantly raises the importance of the competition, and thus becomes a showcase of cultural Center and serves to promote the City of Yaroslavl!
The purpose of the contest are confrontation creative attitudes of Polish and foreign photographers as well as those who professionally deal and amateur photographers.
Presenting contemporary trends and the development of photography, the selection of the best one according to the artist's work, which is not at all an easy task as it turns out.

             Year after year, expanding the circle of people interested in participating in the confrontations, both in Poland and abroad. Last year, 2014, was attended by two hundred twenty four artists from 30 countries ! It was a huge challenge for our Centre to their best advertise the same competition as well as our city on almost all continents of the world. The result is a monthly exhibition of the final top, winning and commended photographs in the gallery MARKET 6 belonging to the Municipal Cultural Center in Yaroslavl.

             Both the competition and our city is to continue the rich tradition of the competition ( counting each of the intervals 40 years ) and maintain a high artistic level thanks Photographic Confrontations occurred on the map of significant cultural initiatives in our city shaping photography at the highest level.